I remember a time when Victoria’s Secret was everyone's favorite place to buy lingerie, but it wasn't always a pleasant experience. Leaving the store or online site, customers were left feeling inadequate because of the overwhelming imagines of what the store’s definition of beauty was. This type of advertisement left women feeling anxious and promoted body image issues. You left thinking: why does every company use this as their standard of beauty? Was that the ideal body type? Is that what standard of beauty is?

And then came Fenty!

I saw the promotion for it on Rihanna’s Instagram and was excited to see the colorful posts. I saw a lot of reviews on YouTube trending when the brand initially launched. Fenty sends free promotional boxes to influencers on social media and Youtube to review their product and generate brand awareness. With both the influence of Rihanna herself and the reviews from her social media and YouTube campaign. I was immediately attracted to the brand, but it wasn’t until I went on their website where my loyalty was captured. It was the first time that I had seen women of all shapes, sizes, color, and height be so casually modeling lingerie.

The brand was not only creating beautiful lingerie for women but telling them that who they are is enough and beautiful. That all shapes and sizes exist and a brand needs to cater to them, rather than tell them what is beautiful. Their design was also made with the intention of keeping women comfortable. Where women designed lingerie for other women, and their goal was not just beauty but also comfort. Their advertisement and marketing plus having a very comfortable design for women’s lingerie made me a loyal customer.

Fenty also gained customers through their fashion shows, which also happened to be a concert. With performances and dances from Rihanna, Normani, Halsey, Migos, DJ Khaled, Big Sean, A$AP Ferg, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Tierra Whack, it attacked a lot of attention. A revolutionary idea that resulted in a lot of media coverage and praise for creativity and inclusivity. It also made the experience fun and enjoyable while showcasing the durability and comfort of the cloths. Rihanna partnered with Amazon videos to exclusively show her fashion show/concert teaming up with famous musicians and models to create an experience with performances and dances. This exclusivity gives this brand a new kind of recognition and attacks new consumers.

Fenty also tries to keep customers loyal by giving members, who have purchased items, a free VIP account which they can use to buy products for a cheaper price. Fenty also creates exclusive boxes for their members that is personally picked out by Rihanna and includes exclusive lingerie and other fun items.

This brand is also consistent with inclusivity in all industries, their cosmetic company Fenty Beauty also follows the same ideology of being inclusive and making everyone feel good in their skin. With their first launch, their foundation range was one of the largest any other cosmetic brand had attempted. Their foundation covered 50 shades from the lightest skin tone to the darkest including different undertones. After an incredibly successful launch, many cosmetic companies have followed their lead to come out with inclusive skincare and makeup line. This brand exists to break barriers of what beauty should be and give space for inclusivity. This company makes women of all ages, sizes, races, and transgender females feel comfortable in what they want to wear. Their story is what makes this brand powerful and successful.